Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tripping through Texas

After leaving Larisa and family at the Austin airport, and heading back to Nolan's to retrieve our luggage, we departed towards Fredricksburg. A few years ago we had traveled through Johnson City too early to view the boyhood home of President Lyndon B. Johnson and so we wanted to have the opportunity to see it this time. We also went to the visitor center for LBJ and then drove 14 miles out to the LBJ Ranch. A tour bus will take you through the National Park as well as driving past the Texas White House where Lady Bird Johnson still comes for weekends and holidays. She is 94 years old and has had a stroke. She as a former President's wife has Secret Service protection.

We ended our day in Fredricksburg. We pulled into the La Quinta Motel and when we went in to register the clerk said it was $119. I expected Aaron to say that was too much but he said "okay" and signed the register slip. He told me as we left that he didn't hear what the man said. Another reason for him to get a hearing aide.

Dinner at Chili's and now we are in the motel where Aaron is watching a football bowl game. We have located an Assembly of God church to attend tomorrow morning. Then there are some interesting things to see here in town before we head on down the road.

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