Saturday, May 31, 2008

Made in America????? Not anymore!!

As much as possible I try to buy things made in the USA, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for many items that we need in our everyday life.

Recently my husband and I decided it was time to update our silverware....oops...I mean flatware. Obviously I can't afford silverware, but that is what we've always called it.

I looked at a local store and the brand carried there was made in another country. As I preferred to buy American made, I checked on the Internet and even called one company whose number I found on their website. I discovered that no silverware is made in the USA. The last company was evidently Oneida and they quit manufacturing here several years ago--according to what I was told. If I am wrong, please accept my humble apology.

Anyway....the silverware arrived today and it is truly beautiful. I purchased it through the JC Penney website and I'm very pleased with it. 92 pieces of silverware for $69.99. It isn't light weight and looks to be very durable.

I did get a chuckle out of the instructions for care that came with it and I want to share some of those things with you.

Please follow below use and care instructions in order to prevent injuries and enjoy many years of use.

Towel drying immediately after washing will maintain the appearance of the finish and eliminate water spots. Sounds like a good idea. Did my mom teach me this?

In general, undissolvable salt will "pit" stainless steel surfaces. Please to not put flatware together with salty, highly acidic foods or beverages (i.e. pickling) for long period of time. How many of you drink pickling as a beverage?

If wash by hand, flatware is easy to clean with warm water and mild dishwashing soap using a sponge, nylon pad or dishcloth. Soft scrub without bleach is recommended. Good advice for the new bride.

Do not submerge for long time. Will they stop breathing?

Do not use oven cleaners. Do not use steel wool. Why didn't I think of this?

This is one of my favorites. Always put flatware on a firm, flat surface to avoid falling accident. I have fallen many times in my life and where I put my flatware has not prevented me from falling even once.

Always clean the flatware set after each use. Failing to do so will result in residue built-up, making them difficult to clean later. Just think of the dish soap you'll save if you only wash your flatware once a week.

Flatware tools are sharp. Always keep them away from children. Children must eat with their fingers as flatware is far to dangerous for them to use.

Please keep the flatware set in a kitchen cabinet when not in use. Well, that ruins my plans to keep the flatware on the floor!

For daily dust, wipe with dry or damp clothes. But if I'm keeping them in a kitchen cabinet will they gather daily dust? Also, notice it says "clothes" not "cloths."

Okay, okay! I know that companies have to put all kinds of warnings and directions in with their products because people have done some silly things--like stick their hand under the lawnmower while it is running or pour liquids down the back of the television set. I just wanted to bring a little chuckle into your lives.


My brother-in-law Craig sent us this photo of my nephew Cleighton who is serving on a Navy carrier somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I know the moment he had to leave his wife behind was extremely difficult. I am so proud of Cleighton for choosing to serve the United States of America in this manner. Every man and woman in the US military is very much appreciated by me.

At my TOPS Club (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meeting on Wednesday night my group surprised me by having a Goodbye Salad Bar. My husband went with me that night and we showed them our pictures of Africa. While we were doing that the ladies got things out in preparation. I don't know exactly how they pulled it all together but it was a huge surprise to me and a lot of fun. I won't be back to a TOPS meeting until September. This was a special moment for me.

The countdown clock continues ticking ever so quickly as the moment of our departure for Namibia draws nearer. The moment we board the small airplane in Walla Walla, WA on Tuesday evening the adventure begins. After spending the night at a motel near SeaTac Airport we'll board the United flight to Washington, D.C. where after a couple hour layover we'll board the South African flight for Johannesburg. About 16 hours later we'll land, be on the ground for a couple more hours and then on to Windhoek, Namibia.

The reality of this is that for over 24 hours we won't have the chance to change clothes. Now wouldn't you like to share that moment with us?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Las Mananitas, Hermiston, Oregon

I've read a blog of a man who rates the various restaurants he eats at and while I'm not going to start doing that, there is one I'd like to tell you about.

Las Mananitas is a family-owned Mexican restaurant in Hermiston, Oregon. If you don't know where Hermiston is, get a map of Oregon and look in the Northeast part, almost by the Columbia River. Hermiston is near Pendleton where the famous Pendleton Round Up is held every September--not that I go!!

When my sister visits from Fairfield, California she loves to go to Las Mananitas and on her very recent visit we went twice. The Sopa de Albondagas (I may be misspelling that) is very, very good. In fact, I've never had anything there I didn't like. When someone asks Jeanne what her favorite Mexican restaurant is she always answers "this little place in Oregon that makes the best Mexican food ever!"

So next time you are driving through Hermiston and you come in from Interstate 84 and you pass the giant water tower with the watermelon painted on the side, start looking to your right for the Cornerstone Plaza because that is where Las Mananitas is located.

You won't regret it! Tell Esteban that you read this on the internet on a blog written by a lady from Hermiston, Oregon and proud of it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What was the deal?????

I have never had so much trouble posting a blog. I just do a new one, click on Publish Post, and there it is. White lettering on a black background. But noooooo, not this last time. I had to redo it and redo it and redo it. I had to change all the lettering to white...which meant I couldn't see what I was changing unless I highlighted it. I do not know what went wrong but I hope it doesn't happen this time.

Gross, Disgusting and Yucky...Read at your own risk!

So what exactly do you think the dirtiest thing in your house is? Many people might say the toilet. And according to some cleaning shows I've seen on TV that might be the truth. But generally speaking most people clean their toilet at least once a week. I mean, how bad can it be? Pets drink from toilets. (Now that is gross!!)

The place I'm talking about is a place you cannot see, unless you hold a mirror and look at the reverse image. I'm talking about your.......DISHWASHER!!! How in the world does a dishwasher which has detergent in it every time you use it get so gross? If I knew the answer for that I'd let you in on it, but I don't.

Get a paper towel or a cloth and wipe along the front part of the inside of your unit. You would not be able to see this unless you are young and/or a contortionist so you could stick your head inside the dishwasher. I am neither young nor a contortionist. I took my dish washing sponge and ran it along the edge and oh the gross brow
n stuff that is sticking there!! Go ahead, do it now and you'll see what I mean.

By the time I took this picture I had cleaned out quite a bit of the gross brown stuff. On the right you see my husband Aaron taking off the screen at the top of the door and we cleaned that out also. Then we went to Safeway where I purchased a bottle of stuff specifically designed to clean out dishwashers made by Jetdry. I ran that through in an empty dishwasher and things look and feel so much nicer now. This was not the first time we have cleaned out the dishwasher and we've had it for about 10 years. So if you have never done this and you've had the machine for many years be prepared for grossness.

And now for some GREAT NEWS!! Our 9-year old granddaughter Karen participated in a spelling bee at the Walla Walla (WA) Balloon Stampede. She placed 3rd in the Third Grade part of the Bee and although she was disappointed to not have won first place (and to have won a laptop computer) we thought she did great. She received a gift certificate from a local bookstore.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crazy Week

Last week I worked all week and I thought this week I would get to stay at home more. But it was not meant to be. Tuesday the library assistant from the school where I used to work called me asking if I could work since she had a serious leg problem happening and needed to get to a doctor. Wednesday I subbed half a day at the Christian School where I volunteer and then went to the school where I was formerly employed to finish the day. Today (Thursday) I'm at the high school library until about noon and then I'll go back to the elementary school library to shelve books. Tomorrow I'll be at the middle school library in the morning. Ah, retirement.

This week I lost 3.8 pounds and I am very happy about that. I didn't eat things with sugar in them, like cake, cookies, donuts, etc. I believe this really helped. It is my plan to continue with this choice for awhile. I did it once for 9 months--no sugar. So I know it is possible.

I read a blog this morning about a lady who walks 6 miles a day and observes and takes pictures. She records how much money she finds--pennies, dimes. My grandfather used to find money when he walked--like $10 bills. I admire this lady who walks 6 miles a day. It'd take me more than 3 hours. Perhaps to supplement my retirement income I should start walking 6 miles a day. I might find 15 to 20 cents. Invest it wisely and in a few years I'd have $1.00.

Random thoughts from a random person.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Comments, Cool Whip and Cream Cheese none of those things have anything in common except that they all start with "C".

If any of you have read my blog recently you will see that I deleted one. It made me feel better to write it out and now the necessity for having it posted is gone.

I had written about being 100 pounds overweight and how I hate it but feel helpless to change. But...I know that I can change because I don't have to depend just upon myself. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." So is it Jesus' fault I'm overweight? No, it most certainly isn't. Jesus speaks to me in a "still, small voice" or through a friend, or through my family members and I choose to ignore that quite often. If I wouldn't get defensive when my husband says something that would certainly help. But those inward feelings arise and my attitude is "you can't tell me what to eat." Ahh, that is so bad.

So I'll carry on, keep exercising, keep thinking about what I'm eating and hopefully get rid of some of this excess poundage I'm carrying around. Isn't it sad to think of all the people in the world who may get one meal a day and yet I can eat like there is no tomorrow? Makes you think, doesn't it?

Comments: An anonymous person commented on a blog from way, way back. Thank you.
Cool Whip: It'll never taste like the real whipped cream.
Cream Cheese: Yummy!