Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Granddaughter--the next Top Chef

Here is a recipe that Karen (age 10) came up with on her own.  Her mother was somewhat dubious over a couple of the ingredients but she said it tasted very good.  Yesterday Karen gave me the recipe and I have purchased the necessary items to make it this week.


5-6 pinches of Curry-Powder
3 Full sized carrots
3 Whole Potatoes
2-3 Cups of Ham (leftovers or preheated, or turkey)
1-2 Pinches of Rosemary
3 cubes of Chicken Broth

My daughter says to add about 6 cups of water or it'll be very thick.

Skin the carrots and potatoes completely.  Chop into bite sized pieces.  Put into boiling water until the carrots are soft enough a baby can chew it, but not too mush.  Make the meat into pieces like the veggies, then add.  Let it stew for a bit.  Add the cubes of chicken broth and pinch in the curry.  Stir, then add the rosemary.  Let it stew some more, and when done, and serve immediately, but it needs to chill or your mouth will burn!  I hope you enjoy this recipe, because I did!

Made up by a ten year old all by herself, her mother didn't help her at all!