Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'd Like a LIttle Cheese With My Whine

Why can't other drivers read my mind and know what I intend to do??

A few weeks ago--and yes, it still bugs me--I left my home and drove to the stop sign on SW 15th in our fair city. This is something I've been doing for the 10+years we've been living on SW 16th. I pulled up to the stop sign perhaps a little faster than normal and a lady in a white car driving down SW 15th where it intersects with Joseph (you know who you are!) ((if she reads blogs)) stopped in the middle of the intersection, rolled down her window and said something to me. I have NO idea what she said but I imagine she was telling me off thinking that I wasn't going to stop. I would like to let this nice lady know that in the 10 years I've been stopping at this stop sign I have never run the sign and have no intentions of doing so now.

Then just recently I had to pull out into the middle lane of the main road through town. I waited until the traffic had ceased from my left, looked to the right (you have to look WAY to the right), saw that I had an opportunity to pull into the center lane. Oregon law says that when you pull into the center lane you wait until there is an opportunity to move into the right lane. (My son taught me that when he took his driving test.) I stopped, looked into my rear view mirror and discovered that someone was behind me waiting to make a left turn. Someone in a red SUV went by me and gave me a long honk thinking that I was going to pull into the traffic. Honest! I wasn't going to do that. I don't want to have an accident any more than you do.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Football Fever (but I haven't caught it)

Well.....yesterday was the LONG anticipated Super Bowl here in the USA. Although I understand the basic rules of football I don't really enjoy watching it, but since the Super Bowl signals that is is almost over for the season (there is the Pro-Bowl next Sunday) I can watch part of it. And there were a couple of very cute commercials.

Sometimes when the last show of Survivor or Amazing Race is on Aaron will come to the computer and discover who wins, since the program is already over on the East Coast. He'll ask me if I want to know and I let him know that "No, I don't want to know who wins."

So yesterday quite a while before the Super Bowl was over I was at the computer. At the point I was figuring out my scheme the Patriots were ahead of the NY Giants and it looked like they'd go all the way. I thought about it for awhile and figured out a possible ending score. Hmm, if the Giants got this and the Patriots got that the score would be 17-14 with the Giants winning. I went back to the den and told Aaron that it was on the internet that the Giants had won 17-14. Now obviously it was impossible for the internet to state this as the game was being played live in Arizona in our time zone. The Pats were still ahead at this point. There was no way the Giants would come back. Aaron just grinned at me and knew I was making the whole thing up. But turns out I was right... and the NY Giants won 17-14--my exact prediction.