Saturday, June 30, 2007

Namibia, Africa

A month ago I wrote that we were getting ready to leave and now we have been in Namibia for 3 weeks. The city we are in is Otijiwarongo. It is a comparatively small city, different than where we were in Botswana. Here there is no mall but lots of stores to choose from. Aaron is becoming known in the hardware/supply type stores. There are only a few restaurant choices and one we like going to is C'est Si Bon. Good prices, generous quantities and quick service.

We are attending Faith Assembly where I have the privilege of playing the piano for the worship service. They sing American songs and I am familiar with almost all of them. There is a guitar player and we work well together.

Aaron and I are keeping busy in our respective jobs on the Bible School campus.

Friday, June 1, 2007

And so it begins....

Friday night, June 1, 2007, I'm tired. I'm trying to leave the house clean so my friend who is coming in occasionally won't think I'm an absolute slob. I believe I will shut the office door. "And when we get behind closed doors....."

As Aaron was preparing to turn off the ice maker he discovered a small leak so he had to travel to Home Depot (I spelled it "Deport" at first,) for a part that will suffice until we return.

The suitcases are ready to be transported out the door tomorrow morning. I hope I'll be ready.

We are so grateful for those who contributed money to our missions venture. May God richly bless those who shared with us.

Tomorrow night we see our son and family. That'll be good.