Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day, 2010

I used to wear size 22 pants, now I'm in size 16 and loving it.

One thing I don't like about New Year's Day is FOOTBALL. I can only handle so much of the game and so my friend Vicki and I are planning on driving 30 miles across the Columbia River to Kennewick, WA to do some shopping IF the roads are not all icy.

This past year has been good and bad. The good was spending 4 months in Botswana and Namibia, celebrating 39 years of marriage, and having wonderful children and grandchildren.

The bad has included the deterioration of my mother to the point where she and my dad can no longer live together after almost 68 years of marriage. They were in assisted living for 2.5 months and then my mom had to be moved to a facility in which she could receive the care she needs--being lifted for everything. My dad, who is still very active and has recently had open heart surgery, moved in with us on Dec. 30 and will be with us until ???? That is an open-ended date. It could possibly be for the rest of his life. He is easy to have around although it does change some of our privacy issues, but we'll work it all out.

My challenge to myself for this year is to get to my goal weight. Today I am 204.4 and my goal is 170. I would like to be that by August 13 when we go on our 2nd Alaskan cruise. When I do reach 170 I may change my goal to 165. I think if I were to go much lower at the age of almost 62 I would look very haggard.