Saturday, May 31, 2008

Made in America????? Not anymore!!

As much as possible I try to buy things made in the USA, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for many items that we need in our everyday life.

Recently my husband and I decided it was time to update our silverware....oops...I mean flatware. Obviously I can't afford silverware, but that is what we've always called it.

I looked at a local store and the brand carried there was made in another country. As I preferred to buy American made, I checked on the Internet and even called one company whose number I found on their website. I discovered that no silverware is made in the USA. The last company was evidently Oneida and they quit manufacturing here several years ago--according to what I was told. If I am wrong, please accept my humble apology.

Anyway....the silverware arrived today and it is truly beautiful. I purchased it through the JC Penney website and I'm very pleased with it. 92 pieces of silverware for $69.99. It isn't light weight and looks to be very durable.

I did get a chuckle out of the instructions for care that came with it and I want to share some of those things with you.

Please follow below use and care instructions in order to prevent injuries and enjoy many years of use.

Towel drying immediately after washing will maintain the appearance of the finish and eliminate water spots. Sounds like a good idea. Did my mom teach me this?

In general, undissolvable salt will "pit" stainless steel surfaces. Please to not put flatware together with salty, highly acidic foods or beverages (i.e. pickling) for long period of time. How many of you drink pickling as a beverage?

If wash by hand, flatware is easy to clean with warm water and mild dishwashing soap using a sponge, nylon pad or dishcloth. Soft scrub without bleach is recommended. Good advice for the new bride.

Do not submerge for long time. Will they stop breathing?

Do not use oven cleaners. Do not use steel wool. Why didn't I think of this?

This is one of my favorites. Always put flatware on a firm, flat surface to avoid falling accident. I have fallen many times in my life and where I put my flatware has not prevented me from falling even once.

Always clean the flatware set after each use. Failing to do so will result in residue built-up, making them difficult to clean later. Just think of the dish soap you'll save if you only wash your flatware once a week.

Flatware tools are sharp. Always keep them away from children. Children must eat with their fingers as flatware is far to dangerous for them to use.

Please keep the flatware set in a kitchen cabinet when not in use. Well, that ruins my plans to keep the flatware on the floor!

For daily dust, wipe with dry or damp clothes. But if I'm keeping them in a kitchen cabinet will they gather daily dust? Also, notice it says "clothes" not "cloths."

Okay, okay! I know that companies have to put all kinds of warnings and directions in with their products because people have done some silly things--like stick their hand under the lawnmower while it is running or pour liquids down the back of the television set. I just wanted to bring a little chuckle into your lives.

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Larisa said...

I'm sharing this with my friends. Too funny!!