Sunday, December 10, 2006

Summer in Botswana

When we left Oregon on July 14 summer was well underway but when we arrived in Botswana it was suddenly winter. Winter in Bots is not exactly like winter in Oregon, but we were very glad that we'd taken winter coats along. When we left Bots on Oct. 12 it was spring and the heat was beginning to come on strong. I'm glad we weren't there for summer as it would be almost unbearable.

Arriving back in Oregon on the 14th of October we were thrust into fall and the beginning of cold weather. I often think of this year as "the year without a summer."

Our missionary work there involved helping our missionary friends, Chuck and Janet Wilson. Aaron did carpentry work, building many cupboards and counters; while I cataloged the Bible School library--entering information on all of the books into the computer and making it possible for the students to check out books electronically just like in the states.