Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holiday Happenings

Today was Christmas on Dec. 27. Maryanne prepared a wonderful breakfast after which we received our stockings (hand made by Maryanne) with a myriad of gifts. Nolan got the turkey into the smoker and off we went to the park in Hutto to wear off a little steam for the kids.

After afternoon naps we opened gifts. The coffee table was moved out of the way and then the fun began. Wrapping paper littered the room. Little kids went from gift to gift with abandon. It was chaos but oh so fun. Since Nolan and Maryanne's trash can was full Nolan went to the neighbors who is gone and retrieved his trash can which was soon filled up.

Our friends Rick and Sharon and their son and new wife came for dinner and it was really wonderful. Everyone had a great time of visiting. It was good to have both of our kids and all 4 grandkids together for the holiday.

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