Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cordial Country Church

This morning we attended church at New Life Fellowship, an Assemblies of God church in Fredricksburg, TX. We could tell by the size of the parking lot that it wasn't a very large church but discovered after going in that the hearts of the congregates were very large. They made us feel so welcome! When the service started there were 21 of us and approximately 5 of that number were guests. The pastor had hoped for more of the regulars to be there but alas they didn't come. The worship service was great and all but one of the songs that were sung were familiar to Aaron and me. It was wonderful to worship with folks of "like precious faith."

After lunch at a delightful tea room we toured the Pacific War Museum. The room you enter into first is the George Bush Room--the first George Bush. At one point there is a short video you can watch of him being rescued at sea when his plane was shot down. There were many, many interesting things to see and to read. We could have spent much more time there.

We decided to not stay in Fredricksburg for another night and so now we are in Kerrville.

Good thing I have a book because I have a feeling that football will be the attraction of the evening!!

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