Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is it dark in here or is it just the old gentleman?

The motel clerk recommended an Italian restaurant to us and said we'd get 10% off by showing a motel card. So we trekked across Holbrook to the Mesa Italian Restaurant. It had a small dining area, with lowered lighting. Each table had a small flame burning (wick dipped down into oil). Quite romantic, I must say, which is why I'm writing in red I guess. We placed our order and we were eating our salads and bread when the door opened letting in a blast of cool air. It was an old couple (80's) and I presume their daughter. They were seated right next to us and so there was no way that I could help overhearing every word they said.

After they received their menus the old fellow began to complain that he couldn't read the menu. He even asked me if I could see it. I made some polite comments and then we each turned to our own tables. As time progressed he kept complaining that he couldn't see the menu to read it. He complained to an employee who said his server would bring a lamp, which happened in a few minutes. That little lamp brightened up the place considerably and the staff raised the level of lighting in the restaurant. The man continued complaining. He said he had a flashlight in the car and he got the key from his daughter and went out to get it. Upon returning he shined the flashlight onto the menu and continued talking. I got a chuckle when after all the fussing and fuming, he ordered.....a cheeseburger. I have to say that he missed out on some great Italian food.

Our destination today as we traveled across Arizona was the Meteor Crater out of Flagstaff. Aaron has wanted to see it since he heard about it as a boy. It cost us each $15 to get in and it was worth the price. The crater is 4000 feet across and very deep. They had telescopes set up aimed at certain things and one was a 6 foot tall replica of an astronaut and a flag. You absolutely couldn't see it with the naked eye. The wind was blowing very hard---VERY hard. I asked the clerk in the gift shop about the wind and he said it blew that way about 85% of the time. Often even harder than today. One time the wind blew about 180 mph and ripped the roof right off the building.

This meteor crater is where the astronauts train since the landscape in the crater is similar to the moon.

We thought that we'd put in the cord that connects the camera to the computer so that Aaron could download pictures we've taken and I could put one or two on this blog. Evidently the cord is at home. Hopefully we can purchase another.

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