Monday, December 18, 2006

Thank goodness for small towns

We whipped along across Texas on a 4 lane road that wasn't a freeway but we only had to slow down as we passed through small towns. We passed fields of cotton and one field that had several camels grazing! Camels in Texas???? We weren't anywhere near a circus or zoo so who knows what the answer to this is. My friend, Barbara, has ostriches and llamas. So perhaps someone has camels for pets.

Tensions began to rise as we entered Interstate 35 heading south toward Ft. Worth. The traffic was heavy as it was going home time and we both became a little testy. Making sure you are in the correct lane for the highway you're looking for and that you are NOT in an exit only lane.......and it is dark and you can't see at night all that well......and you get into the exit only lane and need to get out and cars are streaming by and no one seems to want to let you in.....

Ahhh...there is the exit we want and we'll stay at that motel. Wireless in the room and a BBQ restaurant on the other side of the highway. As Aaron often says, "Life is good."

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