Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes, Virginia, Honest People Do Exist

On Saturday, July 12, Aaron and I along with our missionary friend Bill took a trip to Waterberg Plateau Park, where we went on a 4-hr. game drive. We saw only about 4 animals--the hydrox, the sable, and eland and a giraffe, but being on top of the plateau, one of the higher points in Namibia was interesting. Red sand, very fine, would be difficult to drive through in a regular vehicle but the Land Rover we were in handled it just fine.

Unfortunately during the 4-hr. drive Bill lost his wallet. It is actually more than a wallet. It is like a daytimer with all the money and cards, etc. By the time he realized it was lost it was after 6:30 p.m. and very dark....and a long way from where he lost it. Linus promised to keep a look out for it and Bill made several phone calls. No word, no wallet, no use of any of his cards.

Today after the class he is teaching was finished he took off for Waterberg. It is slightly more than an hour's drive. He talked to the folks at the park but his wallet was no where to be found. Shortly after he pulled in to our driveway he received a phone call that the wallet was found. There were a group of students who were in the same area we'd been and one of them had picked it up. Not one dollar was missing. Not one card was missing. The young man, Moses, wondered why anyone would throw away such a thing, with so much in it. Bill rewarded the young man and when he and Aaron returned he was a happy man. It is nice to know that there are honest people in this world.


happyone said...

That is such a nice uplifting post. It's nice to know there are honest people out there. I really do think that there are more good, honest people out there than we realize.

Larisa said...

I agree, Happy One. The world focuses on the baddies. I'm so glad his wallet was found.