Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ohhhh, the Pain, the Pain

of not having a battery for our laptop. It has completely died during the 6 weeks we've been in Namibia and D**l says we can only use their batteries and they can only be purchased from D**l.

So if our intricate plug-in system here gets bumped, the computer goes off immediately..and I mean immediately. Today I was at the library at the Bible School entering some information for spine labels and bar codes I need to print. The long, long extension cord I generally use was in use across the room and I couldn't just take it. I had my laptop plugged into the wall at a table, but the room where the printer is, is too far away to reach so I'd have had to unplug, have the computer immediately die, then go plug in and have to do the whole restart thing. I thought about it and thought about it and decided that I'll do it another time when I just start in the room where the printer is.

We are praying that our laptop lasts until we get back to the States where we will purchase new computers.

If ONLY the battery had died before we left for Namibia. That's life on the dry side.

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