Sunday, July 27, 2008

Music Class Glitch

Here I am on the first day of teaching Fundamentals of Music in Otjiwarongo. On the wall behind me you see words on a blue background....this is NOT what I was hoping for. I had prepared a Presentation slide show (kind of like Power Point, but not) to illustrate some of the points in the lesson. Alas, we were not able to get it to clicked the mouse on the top of the slide and slid it all the way off the desktop screen and then it would show on the wall. No matter what we did, it would not work.

Then this morning I took my computer to church to use for projecting the words of the songs we were going to sing and the words would not show on the wall no matter what we did. So whatever we did on Saturday to try to see the presentation, completely messed it up for using the program I have for our church songs. So, we just sang without the words to read from. How novel. It was okay, though, because most everyone knew the songs. Everything turned out well. Crisis averted.

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