Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And uh one and uh two

In 2006 I was asked to teach Fundamentals of Music to the students at the Bible School in Tlokweng, Botswana. The missionary gave me the book to begin studying. The course is actually intended t0 be a self-study text but even with my 3 years of studying music in college and almost 10 years of piano lessons, I have to admit there are things in this text I've never of, so to think that a non-musician could grasp all of this material on their own is hard to imagine.

I brought the book home with me and several months later decided to do some studying. I had to email the missionary's wife to ask something and she wondered why I was beginning so early. Then in 2007 while in Namibia, Mark, the missionary here asked if I'd teach the course. Glibly I replied that I would.

The book had set unopened for quite some time in my home in Hermiston, but before we came to Namibia this year I did begin studying. But I became more serious about it after I arrived. I've made many notes in the text, I've made a flip chart to use in class. I've printed off free beginning piano music and I have a chord chart for each student.

I'll begin teaching 4 hours per day this coming Saturday, July 26, and then Mon-Fri of the following week. Each student (12) will sign up for a time to practice very simple songs on a piano. I'll go back and forth from the two rooms spending 15 min. w/each student.

This is my goal. By Saturday, August 2, each student will be able to play a very simple piece, or two. Those who have some experience with music may be able to play something that is a bit of a challenge. They'll take a final in the morning and then right after we will have a mini-recital. Victoria (missionary's wife) suggested we have juice and cookies. We'll have a certificate of some sort. This will be so different for these Namibian students that I'm looking forward to how it is all going to come off.

This will be my prepatory for teaching the course in 2009 in Botswana. Hope my practice session goes well.

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happyone said...

Sounds like a plan. Who knows maybe you will discover someone with some real talent.
I'll say a little prayer that all goes well. :-)