Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Grandson

Our only grandson Curtis has turned 4.  We are going to Milton-Freewater to spend the night, babysit while Larisa goes to practice at church, and then be there for the party tomorrow.

I had had a counter on my site for awhile and suddenly it went away and I had to put on a new one.  So now it looks like only 2 people have read my blog.

The boxes were just delivered for us to send back the Dish Network equipment.  If only they hadn't been having a "fight" with Fisher Inc. we'd have stayed with them.  But not having CBS.....can't live without CBS.  Well, okay, I COULD live, but there are programs on there we really like.  Like NCIS, The Unit, Amazing Race, Survivor to name a few.

Time to put the rest of my over-nite stuff in a shopping bag.  Grab the toothbrush and get on outta here.  Have a good weekend.

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Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

HI there! Thanks for coming by for a visit - I have enjoyed mine! :)