Monday, September 21, 2009

Our adventure is almost over

After 4 months in Africa, we are now only 3000 miles from home, having spent the night near Dulles International Airport.

At 1 p.m. Eastern time we'll catch a United flight winging our way towards Seattle. Then a brief layover until evening when we'll fly about 45 minutes to Pasco, Washington. It will be good to see our pastor and wife and catch up on everything that happened this summer. Then home to our very own bed and I hope we sleep all night long.

Tomorrow my dear mother turns 90 years old and we are having a simple birthday party for her. Shortly after we are settled we'll be working on getting my parents into an assisted living facility. My father is having more and more difficulty in caring for my mother, as she cannot walk at all.

We are looking forward to seeing our grandkids in Milton-Freewater and then going to Texas in November to see our son and family.

It's been an incredible summer, but it is now time to go home. You CAN go home again.

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