Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saying Goodbye

The time has come to begin the Goodbyes to Botswana and to the wonderful people with whom we have become friends.

When we arrived in May at least this time we knew what to do and so we could hit the ground running. The first year we came in 2006, when Janet took us to the grocery store to stock up our little flat, I couldn't even hardly think of what to buy as I was feeling a little overwhelmed. here is a breeze.

For many that we say Goodbye to we are fairly certain we will never see them again this side of Heaven. There is Noah and Kabelo--a dear engaged couple with whom we have become close. They'll be getting married next April.

Tinaye has been such a marvelous help to Aaron and he and Aaron have become great friends. Aaron has introduced the new world of "Coffee Break" to him and Tinaye loves to have a cup of hot chocolate at one of the coffee places.

Chuck and Janet have been friends for around 30 years and we have so enjoyed helping them out here in Botswana. Mark and Victoria in Namibia we only met in 2007 but we are close to them and it was wonderful to be able to take a side trip to Namibia for 12 days.

On Sept. 16 we begin the long, long trip home. And as difficult as it is to leave, arriving home and seeing the kids, the grandkids, and my elderly parents will be wonderful

My prayer for those we leave behind is: "God be with you til we meet again."

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