Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Father

Today my dad is 88. He is an amazing man, full of vitality and life. My dad has never been overweight in his life and still works at maintaining around 150 pounds.

My dad takes care of my mom who is pretty much an invalid. She needs help getting dressed, using the restroom, getting into and out of her wheelchair and the car. Dad does it all. He cooks, cleans, does the laundry, pays the bills and gets up with my mom several times a night. Like I said, my dad is amazing.

At the end of this month they will celebrate 67 years of marriage. 67 years of being faithful to one another. 67 years of loving one another. 67 years of what marriage is all about.

My dad is my example. He is my hero. I love my dad.


Larisa said...

Grandpa totally rocks.

Katina said...

First off I want to say..."wow" about your dad! That is very amazing & also "wow" about all of the years that your parents have been married! I hope to achieve that some day!!!! I also want to say really made me think about the fact of== if I was ever in that sort of position with my husband, would I be able to be so giving & willing & able as well to take care of him??? I think now, of course I would... but it is such a huge responsibility & job.
Well, he must be such a great man & I hope he has a great birthday.... he deserves it! Oh & hey, thank you so much for making me 'think'!!! Hope all is well for you!