Thursday, June 26, 2008


I go to Curves in Hermiston, Oregon on a regular basis . While in Windhoek on Monday I went into the local Curves to have my picture taken. The equipment was just the same as in my local Curves but I didn't exercise. Melissa, a missionary here in Otjiwarongo, is putting me through my paces in a way that is very difficult for this ol' gal.
While driving in to Windhoek on Monday we came up behind this truck loaded with wood. I was able to take this photo through the windscreen (windshield). It was only when we got quite close that we discovered it was all held in place with a rope.For the life of me I don't know why the above writing is underlined. It isn't even a choice I can make here on blogger.

Eggs: This morning I'm in the process of making deviled eggs for a baby shower to be held this evening. The eggs were all brown, as are all the eggs I've so far seen. Are they any healthier than white eggs? Nope, they just came from brown chickens. If you don't believe me, look it up on the internet.

Baby Shower: Baby showers are conducted somewhat differently here than in the USA. Instead of each person bringing a gift, the invitees are asked to give sums of money..whatever it is felt they can afford. Then the hostess or someone she asks purchases baby gifts for the honoree. This way no one is embarrassed if they are unable to spend much toward a gift. My part in the festivities was to buy items for a game--a classic shower game. Items on a for a as many as you can. At the end all of the items will be given to the mother. My allotment to spend was N$200 (approximately $25 US). I purchased thirteen items including nappies and something called Gripe water which must be used if the baby is having a little indigestion.

BBC Food: I am enjoying watching the Food Network from BBC. It is very different than the American Food network. There is no Emeril Lasgasse, no Rachel Ray, no Bobby Flay...But we do have Ainsley Harriot on a program called Off the Menu, where 2 teams work to recreate a recipe from a famous South African restaurant. Quite entertaining. I also like Jenny Bristow Light, who shows how to cook things with less fat. Others I like are The Endless Feast (which comes from America), Master Chef at Large, a program where they are searching for a winner whose prize will be that they get to work in a restaurant. So far all I've seen are cookoffs where they choose someone to be in the quarterfinals. I have yet to see the quarterfinals. After awhile, Aaron will say, "Can't we watch something else?"

Hallmark channel: The Hallmark channel here is somewhat different than at home. There are some really good things to watch on it. Midsomer Murders is interesting. I also really like McCloed's Daughters--a series out of Australia. It is from 2004 but they are new to me.

For news we get CNN out of Britain, and the BBC News. One nice thing is that we are not hearing TOO MUCH of the election goings on in the US--no ads. How nice!

We enjoy reading the Namibian newspapers and seeing how they are viewing what is going on in the world. They are concerned about what is happening in Zimbabwe.

Enough observations, my eggs are awaiting deshelling!!


Larisa said...

You look so pretty!!! Curtis says, "Hi Grammy!"

happyone said...

The underlined words mean you have made a link. When you click on the words it takes you to a bigger picture of the photos that you posted.

Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog.
My days may be ordinary but I really do enjoy each one. :-)

btw- I bought 1 lb of strawberries and they cost $2.