Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our little helper

Aaron and I are once again in Otjiwarongo, Namibia for 3 months. This year the missionaries, Mark and Victoria are living in the house in front of us. Last year this house was being worked on and it finally got to the point where they could move in in June. It is very nice to have them close by although I have promised that I won't be dropping in all the time.

Between our flat and the house was nothing but dirt. Mark had the workers put in a sidewalk of paver blocks between the two houses. Aaron asked how I'd feel if we put in some money and had a larger area covered. So we did and it is so nice. It is big enough for both pickups to be parked on it and still we have room to walk in front of them. The picture to the right is Gino. Gino is almost 4 years old. He is the son of Pauline and Seigfried, both of whom work for the missionaries and the Bible School. Gino comes to work with his parents and entertains himself quite nicely. He speaks very little English but we seem to get the idea of what he wants. The picture shows him helping to carry the small blocks over by the house. He was chattering away to his dad and gesturing. I asked if he was saying that he was putting the bricks in a nice stack. That was a pretty close translation.

I received an email telling me that someone had subscribed to my blog. But I have no idea who as it came out in computer gobbledygook. So whoever you are...enjoy.

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