Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nothing to Sneeze At

As we entered the country of Botswana, as residents of the United States of America, we were asked to fill out a form concerning the Swine Flu--now known as N1K1 or something.  Fortunately we have not been touched with that illness so could safely answer No to all of the queries.  I wonder if we would have been allowed in to the country if we'd had any of the symptoms.

I have been rearranging library books to get all of a certain Dewey Decimal number together.  Books of a similar number were on 2 sides of a book case, making finding a book more difficult.  A student who also has a BA degree but is now training to be a pastor, is the paid library assistant so he pitched in and helped me and I really appreciated his help.

So far I have not started the work of adding the 600 new books.  Besides the work of entering each book into the computer, printing out bar codes and spine labels and applying them, there will also be much more moving of books to accommodate the new ones.  Aaron is going to build a new book case.  By the time I have finished I will have handled thousands of books--moving them, moving them, moving them.

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