Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is it my turn yet?

Due to Aaron having come down with a mild case of pneumonia, we postponed our holiday dinner with our daughter and family until Dec. 26.  They brought all the food over from Milton-Freewater and cooked it at our house.  

During the cooking period we began to open our gifts.  We don't give lots of gifts to each other--just one or two.  Curtis, almost 4, kept asking, "Is it my turn yet?"  

Then we loaded everything in the vans and took it to my parent's house where we all ate together.  Leg of lamb, mashed yams, green beans and rice pilaf.  What a yummy dinner.

Today the temperature begin to rise and the snow began to melt.  My dad's gutters were full of ice and needed to be removed.  Aaron spent 4 hours helping to chip out the ice.  The clean-up from a beautiful snowfall is not pretty.  The streets are mushy and dirty.  It's slippery.  And if the temperature falls tonight, oh boy, it'll be a mess tomorrow morning.

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