Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whinin' about the Wind

Today I worked at my former work place as a substitute for 4 hours.  I helped some third graders with writing sentences using subjects and predicates and how they must match.  It seems to be a difficult concept to comprehend for children, especially when they don't read what they've written out loud.  When I read the sentences to them they could hear what was wrong and what needed to be changed.  I enjoyed that time period of learning.  Why, oh why, oh why didn't I stay in college and become the teacher I was planning to be!!!

About the wind?  The person I subbed for has playground duty with the first graders.  It is not a difficult time--just walking around, talking to kids, making sure they don't hurt themselves or someone else.  But today in Eastern Oregon it is terribly windy.  Back in the "old days" when I first worked at the school and had playground duty every day, I wore contact lenses.  I was always having to pop in to a nearby classroom and work to get the grit out of my eyes.  Now I'm back to glasses and the wind was no problem.

The wind is probably my least favorite thing about living in Eastern Oregon.

Go McCain/Palin!!  

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