Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spectacular Space Science

I thought about that title off and on throughout the day. (I try to use alliteration in case you hadn't noticed.)

Today we were at Kennedy Space Center. You have to drive way out on Highway 1-A and Highway 1. We had purchased tickets at our motel and it was a good thing because entry at the gate was $59 and we had paid about $35 each. Phew!

Well let me tell you that KSC is an awesome experience. We saw 2 IMAX movies--one about the International Space Station and the other about the moon called Magnificent Desolation. And...they were in 3-D. Then we boarded a bus to go out to where things take place when there is a space shuttle launch. We saw the crawler ( top speed of 1 mph) that takes 8-9 hours to take the Shuttle to the launch site. The trip starts at midnight. We also saw the building where the shuttle is worked on and prepared with the fuel tanks for flight.

We saw other film presentations about the moon landing (wonderful), etc. We also were in the actual room that the ground crew kept tabs on the Apollo flights. And there was an entire Apollo rocket you walked around and under. It is HUGE.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day learning more about space and what space travel has done for the world. Did you know that a NASA employee has invented a child's car seat that will activate your key if you accidentally walk off forgetting to take your child out of the car seat? It's not just about floating around the earth.

We are enjoying walking around without needing a coat or sweater. Ahhh, Florida.

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Larisa said...

snowing and 20 degrees here. Enjoy the weather! lucky ducks! Kennedy sounds wonderful!