Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Barbecue, Beamers and Bounty

Wouldn't you know that we'd go to another BBQ restaurant? Well, you'd better believe it! This time it was in North Carolina.

Judy and John took us to Spartenburg to the BMW plant where several models of BMWs (Beamers) are made. The tour was a walking one that took about 1 .5 hours. Very interesting. The robots that do much of the work were fascinating to watch. If I could afford it I'd want an SAV (sports activity vehicle) but they start at double what we paid for our first house so I think it isn't in our immediate future. (It took me awhile to talk Aaron into a GPS for the car so I don't think he'd give in for a BMW!!)

So now about the bounty! Glenn Beck does advertisements for Carrabas Italian Grill and since we have none in our neck of the United States I've wanted to eat in one. So after going through BMW we went to the Carrabas. I told a couple of the staff members that I'd heard their restaurant advertised on Glenn Beck's show. Aaron ordered just a salad since he was going to share my meal and he wanted it when the rest of the food came. So the waiter brought out two salads that were supposed to be John and Judy's but he gave one to Aaron. So we made some inquiries and got things straightened out. At the end of the meal the bill was presented and when I looked in the folder I saw the bill said: Balance $0.00. I gave the folder with the credit card to the waiter and he said it was all taken care of. I asked if it was because we'd asked about the salads and he said that the manager can give out a free meal and he'd chosen us. So we got a $43 meal for nothing. Isn't Jesus good!!


Mischelle said...

Do you think Beamers are worth the asking price? i wonder how much of it is just a name. Now, a nice little Honda is worth the price they ask, especially when you can get 34 mpg.

Mischelle said...

OOPS, I just spied with my little "i" a typo, do you see it?

NolanT said...

wheres the Beef, or BBQ, is NC BBQ better then Texas BBQ? if so, we'll have to have words when you come back to Tejas. I didn't seen any important mention on the meat subject.

Larisa said...

looking forward to you being home again soon! the kids miss you!!! Bring home a hug from Emma!