Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Hometown

What I Like 
1.  The attractive walkway with flowers and fountains along the main highway through town.
2.  The clocktower at the park by the fire station.
3.  The house at the end of our street that has been all cleaned up by the new owners.
4.  The house around the corner painted a beautiful dark olive green while we were gone this summer.
5.  The new retaining wall by the apartments on Sunland.
6.  The beautiful flowers at the house on the corner of 17th and Alleluia.
7.  The very nice park and walking trail by the Umatilla River.
8.  The nice yards that people put a lot of time into keeping attractive.

What I Don't Like 
1.  Gang grafitti written wherever they want to write it--generally on other people's property.
2.  Yards that are not kept up.
3.  Cats that come and use our yard for their toilet.
4.  When someone decides it'd be fun to put soap in the fountain which then can ruin the motor costing us, the taxpayers, money.
5.  People who drop their soda cups, bottles, etc. and other trash anywhere they please--sometimes within sight of a trash can.
6.  Shopping carts being left anywhere and everywhere in a parking lot.

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