Saturday, January 5, 2008

Who in the world reads this???

My sister asked me, "Who reads your blogs?" That is a good question and one that I cannot supply an answer to. I told her that I frequently click "next blog" to see what other people in the world are writing about. Many I can't read although I recognize the language as German, French, Spanish, etc. After spending time in Africa where many people speak 3-5 languages I show my ignorance in that I can only speak one language. English!

Occasionally when I click "next blog" I get into blogs I'd rather not see. And sometimes those blogs don't have "next blog" at the top so I have to backtrack and then go forward again hoping to avoid the naughty pictures or language. I have flagged a couple of sites as inappropriate. I think this blogger site should be family friendly.

So "who in the world reads this?" Is it you....someone in the USA, the UK, Sweden, France, Botswana, Namibia?


Anonymous said...

From US. Came across your blog through
Best Wishes for your continued success!

colefamily said...

I saw your blog--and funny thing was I was wondering the same thing who reads these things!! I clicked on Hermiston and there yours was--just wanted to say hi and hope your new year is blessed with hapiness!! CHRISTINE COLE

Anonymous said...

I can officially say that I read your BLOG...and I just might continue to do so...I MISS YOU GUYS

Margaret said...

J.H. I want to know who you are. I'm just so glad to know that someone misses us.


Anonymous said...

It's me Joanna...I'll keep reading your blogs! So keep writing. I love you and Aaron very much and think about you often!

Anonymous said...

I clicked through while looking at blogs from the area where my sister Becky grew up. I'm impressed with your traveling. It must be really cool to have that experience under your belt.

God bless.