Thursday, February 8, 2007

Giggling Granddaughters

We arrived back at Nolan and Maryanne's home on Feb. 6. And oh we did have fun playing with Sabina and Addison and holding precious little Emmaleese. Sabina likes for me to tell her stories and so I told her fairy tales that I changed to not include a witch or anyone dieing (or is it dying?..never sure about this word.) "Tell me another story" was what I often heard. Addison is a cuddler and she is very active--she can jump with both feet which a lot of 19 month old children cannot do. I counted with her once and she did 24 jumps. Nolan said she once did 40.

We spent Wednesday with them and Aaron and I drove into Austin to have lunch with Nolan who works for Freescale Semiconductor. We had (are you ready for this??) Texas BBQ.

This morning, Thursday, we stayed with the girls while Maryanne went to the doctor and when she returned we headed out. Addison followed to the door saying "shoes, shoes". She wanted to put on her shoes and come with us. I said, "Go find mommy. She's in the bedroom." And off she went. This evening when I talked to Nolan he said that Addi cried at the door.

It is always hard for this grandma to leave my granddaughters in Texas! There oughta be a law that says family members can't live more than 1 day apart!!!

Now for some things I have forgotten to write about:

Continental Tires
Carlene and her boss gave us a tour of the plant. While they don't make the tires there they do make the fabric that goes into tires. Okay. I'll admit that I don't really understand this whole process but the important thing is that they understand it. Anyway, it is like being in a mill where material is made even though I've never been in one. It was very interesting. There were spools of fiber everywhere.

Thomaston Church of God
On Sunday the 4th Aaron and I were privileged to present our ministry to Botswana this past summer. We were thrilled when we were asked to be the Sunday morning speakers. What an honor for Pastor Rigby to give up his pulpit for us...two people he didn't even know. They took an offering for our future mission trip, hopefully to Namibia this coming summer. Thank you very much Thomaston Church of God. We pray God's blessing upon your church.

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NolanT said...

For those of us who fly, it is one day away. But since you'll be passing through only 4 times this year, you'll get to see us lots.